Racol Technology Solutions is a business designed to serve other businesses by providing innovative solutions to even the toughest telecommunication problems. Racol operates on the understanding that business stability and profitability depend on the design, implementation, maintenance and recovery of the lifeline of almost every business – its data and communication networks.

Data and communication networks are the backbone of modern business operation and influence how employees get work done, how businesses work together, and how clients gain satisfaction and confidence in a business relationship. A responsive, reliable and manageable network ensures efficiency and smooth operation, allowing a business to consistently perform at an optimal level.

Racol specializes in network diversity, optimization, hosting and disaster recovery services. By working with an established network of over 40 telecom vendors, Racol helps businesses acquire affordable and reliable telecommunication services. From management of vendors and contract negotiations to oversight of local and global data and voice systems, Racol is prepared to work with any business structure in addressing telecommunication needs. Networks are fully maintained, beginning with design and implementation, and continuing with support services that treat every business as a top priority.

Built upon extensive experience in the development and management of voice and data networks, Racol is led and managed by the best of the best. Founder and CEO Jennifer Hyland has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1996. As an account manager for major telecommunication companies, she helped develop and manage comprehensive and practical telecom solutions for major corporations, which meant overseeing multimillion-dollar, sometimes global, projects. Ms. Hyland has a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications and Information Management from Polytechnic University.