Data and communication networks are the backbone of modern business operation and influence how employees get work done, how businesses work together, and how clients gain satisfaction and confidence in a business relationship. Responsive, reliable and manageable networks ensure efficiency and smooth operation, allowing a business to consistently perform at an optimal level.

Backed by over a decade of industry experience and a proven track record of success, Racol Technology Solutions addresses the telecommunication needs of businesses small and large. From designing data and communication networks to securing and managing telecom vendors and services to overseeing the development and management of local and global data and voice systems, Racol does it all.

Rate Review and Billing Audit

Usually at no charge, we conduct a complete review of your existing services…Read More>>

Network Design

We have designed national and worldwide networks for over a decade. We consider your requirements and…Read More>>

Vendor Management and Contract/MSA Negotiation

We can compare and manage multiple telecom vendors. We become your advocate and…Read More>>

On-going Support

We provide on-going support with moves, additions, changes and disconnects to your telecom services. We also…Read More>>